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Writing issue

writing mandatory

Writing has been an issue to human life as mandatory or not. Some argue that writing is of

prime importance, some say it is more justifiable to contend that the usefulness of speaking is

higher. China has become a good example to justify the conclusion. The illiteracy rate in China

is about 30% however, they have a high living standard.

They do how to express their opinion in words yet they purchase materials and share diverse information by talking to each other. It simply demonstrates that they do not need to write well for a living. It shows that verbal ism serves more essential function.

On the other hand, writing article and documents solidify one’s agreement. Through writing rules, laws, news, views, and other’s opinion, everything has been kept in record. If writing is not mandatory, agreement would be unstable. Instability of something reflects the economic condition thus, creates chaos and may cause drawback to the country.
Finland has been known to be a place if literacy because almost a hundred percent are educated. They make a good system. Rules are written and implemented. Through writing they have reached the farthest place from civilization thus causing them to be progressive and educated.

So now what is your own view about this? Is writing mandatory or not?

written by Kirstien B. Lumantas

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