Worship Vishnu on Thursday to be Rich

Worship Vishnu on Thursday to be Rich 

worship of vishnu to make your self rich

Thursday’s special day is considered day for peace and happiness.  Today,  both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Saraswati is worshiped. As it is believed that Lord Vishnu are not easily pleased, but if he definitely pleased you will get rich by their sincere worship. Worship Vishnu on Thursday to be Rich

1. Thursday morning after bath lighting ghee lamps worship Lord Vishnu, as well as the text asks. According to astrology, the planet is the factor of master funds. The person is the Guru’s grace is the economic situation.

2. Try Thursday Wear yellow clothes, if it can not worship Lord Vishnu while saffron saffron Tilak If not, the turmeric to Tilak.

3. If your master is weak, then you’re a big-money transactions, then do not do it, because you will master the weak, you have to go through financial problems.

4. If you take the blessings of your big, then it will be very good for you, this day, parent or mentor  blessing   it. You  present as  a special gift can give them yellow.

5. Banana trees around your home, you must be under the tree Find on Thursday. Apply sweet enjoyment of the sweet or flour. Having eaten the needy Split …

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