Why Narayan never get Married

Why Narayan never get Married 

why narayan never get married

Narada Muni went to heaven in religious television series . Narayan have seen chanting, narayan. These have seen the news of the world how they were all people.  Narada Muni and the heaven of many legendary stories associated with the courtship of a nymph stories have also been mentioned.
Everyone know about narada is he is single but you should know, why is it like that. They love seeing the ripe beauty of apsaras or become subjugated but still when they were trying to make the marriage seemed to be disappointed in the end.
Brahmavaivarta mythology, the story mentions Brahama Narad lifelong singleness of his father, Lord Brahma was cursed. According to the story of creation when God was creating the universe, his four sons. He went on austerity. Then came the turn of Narada Muni. Brahma said to Narada Muni, “Do you support me in creation and marry.”
Narada was playful by nature. His father refused. Hearing his Avehlna Brahma became very angry. He said Narada cursed lifelong singleness. “Many times in life, you will feel the love but will not marry you ever left behind. You run away from responsibilities in the world, so you only have to be running. ” Narada was cursed and that the ages of the other people in the public who dwell . Thats Why Narayan never get Married .

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