Want to know if you have been blocked by any user !

Check if you have been blocked by any user

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Twitter may be a public venue unless you decide on to line your profile to personal. once you square measure personal, you have got to just accept friend requests (or United Nations agency views your profile, otherwise anyone will scan it). once you run into issues with followers or they still post offensive material, you’ll be able to block a member on Twitter. this is often done by viewing their profile and clicking “Block/Report.” there’s no alert sent to the users to warn them of the interference. However, there square measure a number of ways that to envision if you have got been blocked by a user.
Set up a second free Twitter account with a distinct user name if you can’t scan an individual’s Tweets. this can happen if they set their profile to personal. Request to follow the personal profile. If they settle for, you’ll then be able to scan their Tweets once more on your new profile.
Try adding the person to follow by clicking “Follow” on his profile. If you’re blocked a message can seem stating the user blocked you. you’ll be able to scan the person’s tweets if they’re public, however you’ll not be able to contact him via Twitter or follow him.
Tweet the person with Associate in Nursing @ reply. On the most homepage, sort @ and his user name on the search box on the proper facet of the screen. If your Tweet doesn’t seem, this implies he didn’t savvy, that is presumably as a result of you have got been blocked.
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