Tips for make you billionaire

7 Tips for College Benefit

Tips for make you billionaire

Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, these are the world’s most intelligent and successful  people’s, they drop there college. The 1/4 salary of these people’s are to much than the net worth of billionaires with (Ph.D.s).

However,  It’s possible to launch a startup from your room, and still control on it up-to your graduate. You may not become a billionaire, but you will get abandon of world experience that will help you with your second venture. It will may be also make you a more attractive candidate should and you decide to ‘get a real job’ after school.
If you thinking, you have some new ideas to make yourself unique than we have seven tips for you.

1. University advantage 

This is a time which is last chance for you to show your academic, technical. A professor is only an invaluable mentor. there are conferences and entrepreneurial competitions geared for students; here’s a samples of the top business plan competitions for students which will give you a unique direction to search mentors, publicity for your idea and funding. 

2. Make a right bond

On a university boundary, you are covered by numbers of incredibly bright, curious and energetic people. So how can you go and choose a right team? It might be awesome if you will start a business with your roommate, but he/she sometimes not be right person, you are looking for.(“Paul Graham” of Y Combinator) had some great advice for searching a co founder { I’d look for the people who are not just smart, but “incurable builders”. Look for the people who keep “starting projects”, and “finish at least some of them”.} 

3. Set your sometime, for your side work

Your “classes”, “exams”, and other side-works are scheduled for you, but creating time for your business or works requires discipline. Overall, you and your team member decide or planning for working in a week in a single room. Many find it easier to assemble for what they commenting when taking classes that meet ‘once per week for an hours. 

4. Never view your studies and startup as ‘mutually exclusive’.

Focus the types of coursework that could help you run your ‘work‘. For example, if you are studying engineering, take a few Business class. You should not need to become an expert in every-field, but exposure to that types of topics will give you a line of sight to understanding of needed in the marketing world. 

5. Mark your boat burning target

‘What will it take for you’ and ‘your other members of same field’ to leave your school and give full-time to your startup? 16,000 active users? $600 million in revenue? It’s nice to talk about these things ahead of time so everyone “understands and buys into the plane of the game”. If you and your co-founder are not on the same topic of same page, it’s better to find those differences early on. 

6. Never think you will fail

No matter what is your startup,you choose to launch, always keep in mind that so many people’s first business ventures and these are not succeed. So many fail badly or miserably, but that toughly makes you a failure. School is that opportunity where one of the best times to times give things for practice; it becomes difficult to take risks when you are going to mortgage and family need to think for it. With every step, you will gain different types of experience and insight into what type of works and what you are not. In fact, a failed startup might be your best supportive helper like teacher, at the time of your school years. 

7. Value of school

what is the matter, you are paying your school fees threw loan or your parents are paying for you. school is only a place where your active participation and study is main. Every time you are hide between your class or want to great start, sometime you ask to yourself what is good for you or what is not and by doing this what will you get. if you start working in a right time and start chasing success, or you are thinking for taking rest. School is mystery we don’t know properly what we will do. 

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