Problem In IP or your net connection goes offline

Problem In IP (IP Conflict) or Your internet connection offline

problem in ip


IP Conflict also in simple word IP collision happened, when our ip is assigned to someone else and we are also using same ip.
when two systems use same IP at the same time ip conflict.
Brief——- System A is using IP at 4 pm and System B start to using a net at 4:30 pm and by mistake, by a mistake system B also use same IP which is using by System A ( this will create problem because internet will not know about which system service fulfill first. So, it cause majore issue.
Some times it also happened when System A using IP and suddenly move to stand by and System B start to work and ip provider provide a same IP to system B which is using by system A but after some time when system A rise from stand by mode.. System a will use same ip which is used by System B. So it cause IP conflict. 

Why IP Conflict Problem occur   

Some time our Internet Service Provider allocate same IP which is used by someone.
DHCP(Domain Host Control Protocol) problems.
DHCP—– is set of IP under a some range also called scope to that range of IP.

How to resolve IP problem 

System Restart —

Restart your system to resolve this problem. At the time when will you restart your system your old ip will change and your system allocate new IP.

Change ip —

 change IP by using CMD 
— (Type (Windows button(hold)+R)) one window will open  
— Type in that window cmd
— You will get new Terminal 
— Type ipconfig/release 
— Your IP problem will resolve

Connect and Disconnect–

When you disconnect your system from network that time the IP you are using will be loose. and after connecting system again with router or internet you will get new IP to use internet.
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