Photo Editing Tricks

 How to edit a Pic with Effects

Many people want to edit there Pics with extra ordinary effects, trying new software everyday and android application and make your Pics lovely and give shinning look to your Pics but the good thing is you are not using your innovative idea, you are making a image with application and software, giving glittering effects,good is you love to creating Pics but at last you are not creating anything except making Pics brighter and getting likes in facebook. 

Creating Pics, Making Pics, Editing Pics

Create Pics with your mind not by using technology what they give you and predefine functions and working of application.
making of new pic  
You want to edit Pics? than go and use your imagination, open your mind and kick this spirit of making and creating new Pics by creation not predefine function of any mobile application. 
When you create Pics with your innovation and you will start to getting like by peoples because you did something great rest of the world. Who don’t want to hurt or pass there this creation because they are busy in getting knowledge.

Three Effects one Girl 

This Pic is awesome not because if you make big real like this of any image by editing pics, you will get one video and this is the idea behind videos came in our world and making your memory with shinning and sparking effects.
making of new pics by editing

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