Our Life Choices makes our Decisions

Our Life Choices makes our Decisions

our life choice

I am the author of this blog and like everybody feeling bored and want something to energize myself and throw me out from deep dark ocean water, tycoon fro
m sky. I never look over my studies and all. I spend my daily time watching and learning new things, topics, subjects and much more beyond than we know.
As we all know our life is always full of tension, daily hustle of office work, listen stupid ideas from many kind of people(smart, idiot, average). But as if want to say
        “Listen to all and if you like than apply over your daily life”.
Now, let me tell you few things about how i passed my important time, When everyone look only for study. when i was in my 10th grade. i always think about to looking people how they live there life, are they happy and what they are doing or everything they are doing only because of their peer pressure! they know better even i have no idea about it.

Really if i ask you to answer my only three question, what will you give and always remember 

    ” In this universe everything is right depend upon your way to think “

Let me give you one example —–
Dholakpur is one village where many peoples are live there life happily but one day one thief steal one gold pendant from aalu wali ladki home but if you know the pendant cost is very high around 15 lakhs but after loosing that pendant she cried a lot but recover from it and live her life with a full of joy and tension free way. after 3 days the thief who stole that pendant caught by police by the help of one shopkeeper. now you know how ?????? think think ———-
shopkeeper placed one CCTV camera out of his shop where thief image captured and sent to police . after caught by police, shopkeeper awarded by a huge amount of prize money Rs10000. Now its your time. Who is lucky!!!!! Shopkeeper ?? thief ?? or girl (aalu wali ladki) or policemen???

Now, you are right in everyway —-
Shopkeeper —– Because he awarded by cash money.
Police —- got medal and even chance for per-motion.
girl —– happy because thief caught by police.
thief —– who help his family to get some thing which help to overcome from some kind of disaster.            
So, always remember you will take it once in your life always be happy with it, who knows !!  what will happen next.


  the way you want to spend your life and your entire energy and running blood in your blood vessel everything for it. Stop to regret in future by choose which is right for you, no one tell you how hard it is or how easy! 


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