Need of a software

Evolution Of a Software 

Need of a software

Why we need Software?

Past time it is too difficult to tell a computer for working because it is not understand our language.than programmer make a program by using of two language(high level language and low level language).

that language called middle level language and the software supported that language is ‘C’ and ‘C++’.The ‘efficiency’ and ‘usefulness’ of a program depend only on the way of use of command and programing language. there are two level language one is high level language and another one is low level language.

1- Low Level Language 

Is machine oriented. machine-oriented means written in binary code(0 and 1) 0 for false and 1 for true. machine language computer can execute directly. In assembly language, instruction are written in the form of symbolic and machine operation (add, store etc).

2- High Level Language 

Use for keywords, construct for sequence, selection(decision) and iteration(looping) and use of variable and that cause, it is very easy for a program to understand in comparison between low level languages. program written in high level language converted into a low level language by using of compiler and interpreter because computer only understand machine level language. there are two aspect for language are ‘close to the machine’ and ‘close to the problem to be solved’. so, the concepts of a problem expressed easily. the low level language is only good for first aspect(close to the machine). the high level language is only good for second aspect(close to the problem to be solved).

3- The language ‘C’ and ‘C++’ serve both the aspects so called them 

middle level language.

1-Low Level Language
2-High Level Language
3-Middle Level Language

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