Learn C Programming in 3 days ( First C program)

How to create variables in C Program

Before proceeding, we should know some rules to create a variables

Not start with number —– 2cat
Not contain arithmetic operators —–A+B  
Not contain punctuation ——– %#@
Not contain any spaces ——- no book
Not contain any of c keyword —–  static

How to type C variable (syntax)

data-type variable name;

For multiple variable (syntax)

data-type variable 1, variable 2, variable 3;

Data types

char — hold one character,a single byte—– A
int—– integer whole number—– 2, 3, 4, 5
float—— upto 6 decimal place, floating point number——4.3455, 5.345678 
double—— floating point number, upto 10 decimal place——- 5.1234567784,0.0123456355

How to write variable in a program 

int main()
int no1,no2;                                 /* create variable no1, no2 in int, character in char and 
char character;                                    decimal in float */
float decimal=9.2;                   
printf(“variables no1, no2, character, decimal are created”);
return 0;
Memory boost tips

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