Last wishes Secrets Behind Mahabharata

Last wishes Secrets Behind Mahabharata

last wishes secrets behind mahabharata

Mahabharata is full of countless stories. Understanding life events associated with the various characters of the Mahabharata can be known by reading a lot. In the same context, the last wish of the Mahabharata war linked. Let us know which of the Mahabharata war what his last wish was laid. Last wishes Secrets Behind Mahabharata …..

Ghatotkacha’s last wish 

When asked about the last wish of Krishna Bhimputr Ghatotkacha Ghatotkacha then said politely, ‘Lord, if I do get Veergati have no land to dedicate my dead body, not to be immersed in water, do not fire me Dah the body of the flesh, skin, eyes, heart, and convert the wind to blow in the sky. My body to be set up on the earth skeleton.  Going forward, I will be witness to the skeleton Mahabharata war. After the death of Krishna Ghatotkacha his last wish was fulfilled. 

Vidur’s last wish 

When Krishna met wartime vidur open mind knots tell them their last wish. He said, “Lord, I feel the earth Atmglani seeing their boisterous war. After my death not want to leave here in a fraction of your body, so you burn my body but not the body unburied or turn into Sudarshan Chakra. Krishna did. 

Sanjay’s last wish 

Sanjay arduous meditation in the Himalayas of Lord Krishna. Krishna appeared and was pleased with the tenacity that Sanjay Dutt Spoke! I was very pleased with your penance Schwab. Today, they want to take me Manng. Sanjay Krishna said – ‘The Lord is with sin I’ve embodied the Mahabharata war. So you stone me, and as long as long as you do not re-incarnate on earth as the stone of the Himalayas Rhoonn devotion. Sanjay Krishna changed his Shalgram been installed on the Himalayas. 

Karan’s last wish 

Mrityushaiyya were on the hypotenuse, he had declared his desire to Krishna. Lord Krishna to meet the desire of warriors Anntim.

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