How to Start a blog and how to make money

Do you know How to start a blog and How to make money

How to start a blog to make blog sites

How to Start a blog

In this Article we are going to cover how to start a blog and how to make money. If you are new in blog and don’t know how to start a blog and never know about how to create a blog, you are in right page of making blog or blog sites. here we cover everything how to start a blog to how to make money by blog below you will get every step to making blog for making money. 
Blog start first time by peoples to share there everyday life in blog and to share details about what happening in there life so other know after reading there blog. so blog was very famous those days and after that new revolution come in blog because peoples started to use it as making blog sites and after Google adsence change  this blogging platform a lot peoples started to write a blog in many topics to make money by writing on different topics of blogging like  

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Blogger tricks you should know

Blogging skills do you know

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How to Start a blog and how to make money

  • Beauty blog tips
  • Health blog tips
  • Body building blog tips
  • Skin care blog tips
  • Affiliate marketing blogs tips
  • Automobile blog tips
  • B2B business blog tips
  • Review blog tips
  • News blog tips
  • Books blog tips
  • Dating blog tips
  • Entertainment blog tips
  • Fashion blog tips
  • Legal blog tips
  • Education blog tips


Step by Step guide how to start a blog

1. Open your G-mail Account in Google to start a blog. if you don’t have than sign up in Google account to start a blog. 

How to make money0 

If you dont know top websites with high pagerank

2. After log in into your G-mail account open red mark button to check Google application.

How to make money1 

3. Click on more to open a blog sites, after clicking on more you get more application from Google.

How to make money2 

4. After clicking more Application you will get blogger site on blogger to open a blog. 

How to make money3 
5. Click on Continue to Blogger to start a blog.

How to make money4

6. After landing into a new page where you get option to start a new blog. click on it.

How to make money5 
7. After clicking on start a new blog you will get new tab like where you will fill 
  • Blog title – Name of your blog.
  • Blog address – Name of your blog address like URL of blog sites.
  • Blog template – How your blog look like in other words your blog design for your blog sites.

 How to make money6

8. You will see your new blog here. even if you want more blog you can create more blog sites.

How to make money7

9. After click on pencil icon in above blogger image you will see one new blog will open, here you will get many blog option we go one by one over it.

  • Blog Overview -About blog details everyday.
  • Blog Posts -Post you are writing for blog or Articles for blogs.
  • Blog Pages – Pages represent blog page you have for special purpose.
  • Blog Comments – People commenting on blogs after reading you blogs.
  • Blog Google+ – Linked with Google+.
  • Blog Stats – Contains stats of your blog.
  • Blog Earnings -Earning of money by your blog everyday.
  • Blog Layout – Blog designs how your blog is arranged in you blog sites.
  • Blog Templates – Blog Templates are themes used to see how blog looks.
  • Blog Settings – Contains many blog working settings.

How to make money8

10. Go to create a new post and from there you will get a new window to write blog .

How to make money9

11. After opening a new window for blog, here you have to write a name for blog post and blog content.
  • Blog title and Blog content heading should be same blog Search Engine Optimization purpose.

How to make money10
12. Want to upload an image in your blog post than click on image icon after clicking over blog image icon you will get this window.

  • Upload – you will upload from your computer.
  • From the Blog – pictures you uploaded in your old blog post.
  • From picture web Albums – picture present in web take from there.
  • From your phone – from your phone data
  • From your Webcam – clicking image from Webcam to upload in blog post.
  • From a URL – use image by URL

How to make money11

13. After clicking over upload in blog you will pop with new window to select an image for your blog. from here you can choose an image for blog from your laptop/ PC drive and open it for blog.

How to make money12

If you dont know how to increase blog traffic

14. After uploading an image you see below two blog post we have 2 images.

How to make money13

15. If you want to upload a link over some word. if any one click on that blog post word you will redirect to other blog post or where you want to send him like other blog sites. click on link and give that link to that blog post word to send use to other blog sites.

How to make money14

16. If you write something in your blog and want to customize sentence fonts

  •  Arial
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Times 
  • Verdana
  • Tribuchet
  • Helvetica

How to make money15

17. If you want to change text size in a blog you can see below

  • Smallest
  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Largest
How to make money16

18. Type in what way your blog will sentence look in a blog

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Minor heading
  • Normal

How to make money17

19. Align of your sentence side in a blog

  •  Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Justify

How to make money18

20. After looked everything from top now we move to right side boxes in a blog

How to make money19

21. To show a location in a blog click on location and in a blog post your location will come.

How to make money20


How to make money21

If you want to learn about how to set your blog first page of google

Blogger tricks you should know

23. If you want to insert a video in you blog you can do by many ways in a blog post.

  • Upload– from your Hard disk you can upload in a blog post.
  • You Tube – from You Tube you can upload in a blog post.
  • My You Tube – from your own You Tube channel you can upload in a blog post.
  • Phone – from your phone storage, you can upload in a blog post.

How to make money22

24. Label is very important in a blog according to Search Engine Optimization in a blog post. because label tell to other mainly post belong from this type.
so we can easily know what type of blog we have.

How to make money23

25. There are other four option also which we left one is

  1. Schedule – Here we can set details to post our blog post in any time.
  2. Links – Permalink,Title link, Custom link. all come in blog link tell to blog address.
  3. Search Description – Description of you blog post. so Google will know this post belong to this blog site and with this description.
  4. Option – contain some other functionality in a blog post.

How to make money24

26. After moving down in a blog you will see Google allow to use of Google in blog.

How to make money25

If you dont know how to search blog Keywords

27. Stats help you to show how your blog performing in blog sites

  • Overview tell you about how how many visitors come to see your blog.

How to make money26

28. Audience contain data of from which country and which operating system and platforms visitors coming into your blog.

How to make money27

29. How to make money yes this is your answer in a blog to make money by adsence in a blog and if you want to know how, first you should get every type proposal from Google adsence to approve Google ad in your blog.

How to make money28

30.  Layout is option in a blog where you can learn how to customize your blog like Favicon and add other Google services in your blog. Customizing happened here in this part. you can move your design move from to other in a blog sites.

31. How to save Favicon in a blog. Favicon is logo which represent your site in your blog by a small square shape icon image. Like when you open a site you see one top of the tab you get one small square logo type image in a blog sites that is your Favicon. From Favicon you know what type of site is this actually.

How to make money30

32. How to configure a blog post in blog sites.
  • Contain different types of blog application which work on blog sites like calender, Google adsence, HTML/JAVASCRIPT, and many more help to give you a good layout in a blog sites for your blog post.

How to make money31

33. Want to store backup in your local drive. so if any problem will come in future you can restore easily and resolve easily.

How to make money32

34. Want to change something in predefine template.

  • Photo Template
  • Article Template
  • Dynamic Template

How to make money33

35. Different templates present in a blog site to use in your blog.

  • In a blog sites you get many different types of template some are like for photo and some are for blogging and some contains dynamic property. so you have to choose which types of blog sites you want to create for your blog.

How to make money34

36. Now time to move into a blog settings first come to a blog basic settings

  • Blog Title- What type of blog site you have and what name you want to give that blog site. 
  • Blog Description- About blog description contains details according to your blog site. 
  • Blog Publishing address- In what address you want to publish you site in a blog and Publishing address of your blog.
  • Blog Author- Give you an idea who is the writer in blog sites.
  • Blog Reader- Contains the property of either you want to make your blog site public or private. if you make private no one can read your blog from your blog sites.

How to make money35

37. Blog post and blog comments settings

  • Contains a blog Setting which tells you about either you want a comment from other or not in your blog sites and if you want in which format you want to use it.
  • How many number of blog post you want to show in your blog sites. 

38. Mobile and email settings  

  • Contain a Setting for a blog to use in mobile and post in a blog by using G-mail address directly.

How to make money36

39. Blog Languages and formating
Blog language contain in what language you want to create a blog and your blog sites. so here you will get a idea how to change language and time zone in a blog according to you. so its very important as a blogger.

How to make money37

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40. Contains the property of search preference in a blog

  • Blog Description- tell to others about your blog what type blog sites is this or what type of information you blog sites containing, Google will categorize your site according to that content.
  • Error and Redirections – When you get a blog post which is posted by you and after that you remove blog post from you blog sites but Google still using that post URL and after than if anyone come in that post it will show error because your blog post will not be present there anymore so to avoid this types of errors we use error and redirection only for these types of post.
  • Crawlers and Indexing– Google ask you about you want to publish your blog post in Google search engine or make it

How to make money38

41. Other setting blog contains setting like 

  • Post Feed Footer – helps you to set details in footer about blog
  • Enable Title Links and Enclosure
  • OpenId – Openid URL represent your website link.
  • Adult Content -Tell to Google about blog site contains nude blog post or not if your blog sites contains nude post than Google will display warning to viewers if blog sites contains nude image. so that why this adult content option play very important roll in your blog sites.
  • Google Analytics – use to analytics which help to talk about people search
How to make money39

42. Here you will see everything happening in your blog like

  • Blog stats – you can check no of page views in a blog
  • Blog page views – blog page views with time
  • Blog post total – total post you posted in a blog site
  • Followers in blog – how many followers you have in you blog sites
  • Comments in blog – how many comments you have in your blog
  • Your blog graph – blog graph show how many page views you get everyday
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