How to Remove Powered By Blogger

How to Remove Powered By Blogger 

How to Remove Powered By Blogger for good look 

remove powered by blogger

Attribution gadget present in the end of you your blog which we called footer and footer helps to tell about other your site contain this copyright. but when you move to remove powered by blogger and you not get its solution than you think How to remove powered By Blogger? and here is your solution to remove powered by blogger from your blog. first you should know about why it not remove here is reason remove powered by blogger is locked and after trying to remove powered by blogger from footer you failed many times because you not get any option and tricks to remove powered by blogger.

Here are easy steps for you to solve this footer problems 
removing powered by blogger tips

How To Remove Powered By Blogger Steps-

1. Move to blogger Dashboard=>Design(Template)=>Edit HTML

2. Download your Template copy, if anything wrong in blog you can easily reset.

3. Click on Expend Widget Templates 

4. Search this code in your blogger template 

Replace locked=’true’ with locked=’false’

(locked=’true’    you can’t change that blog setting)

(locked=’false’   you can change that blog setting now)

5. Save this setting.

6. Now move to layout in blogger and this time to remove Powered By Blogger.

how to remove powered by blogger from here

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