How to place Website in first page of Google

Tips – How to come in first page of Google


Move your blog first page of google

Everyone looking for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and trying to challenge Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu , Aol,, Lycos,, Yandex, Wolframalpha, Excite and DuckDuckGo every way by creating Keywords, Long Term Keywords, Short Term Keywords to get high traffic every day in there site.
why you want to traffic from unique visitors and same visitors per day and after increasing traffic look up your Adsence income, Revenue Hits, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Popads, Semrush all type of ad network and not making good amount of money by ad network. Now you no need to look up at any article anymore because we are here and ready to solve your problems. we Together break all the algorithms of googles like Pagerank or spider crack, penguin or any other search engine and make our rank come in the first page. 

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If you want to learn about how to set your blog first page of google

Tips to score your website first page of Google


Write a page title in a brief with some keywords(Long term keyword prefer get good traffic). page title represent a complete website with details of article to visitors. Don’t take it simply important part of SEO and search engine traffic.
Let suppose you have to write an article use simple heading like 
How to write blog with SEO
why this, viewers type in search engine mostly 
write a blog with SEO, increase blog SEO. 


Google tell me how to write keywords! no stupid use your brain.
keyword can be anything which contain meaning and sense for you traffic.
you are writing an article for your website and using stupid keywords. no one will know ever in which planet Google spider will drop you. you want SEO, keep focusing in keywords tail and make keywords your friends.


Something like, you want girlfriend and every girl is same black and stupid attitude what will you do?
right here we come in tag or alttags use like so anyone can differentiate your main topics. by different angle.
example giving alttags to image or video, so viewers search your article with there searching keywords.
increase SEO, increase traffic by SEO both chance to come who knows what visitor search and want to get from your article.

Site maps

How can we miss this important heart of our website. site maps helps to generate traffic,
site maps index web page of website in Google directory, so Google know you have one web page and you need to publish in search engine.

Url structure

your name is important for you, same as it is your website have one name (website URL), and even your Webpage have URL to represent website in Google search engine. URL should contain keywords or long keyword. so increase rank.

Content up to  date

Out of date content destroy your site reputation and Google page rank score, always update your website with new web page, visitors come in website to check new article in your website but no content traffic in website hit hard.

If you dont know how to search blog Keywords

Grow link

post your webpage or website article link in many other sites, user can also look at your website  and come again and again. you need to post link every day in other site because your site will be popular in google search engine.
writing new article and Webpage also increase website link.

Monitor your network

After doing your Hardwork check your article rank and page rank what score page getting from different sources and traffic come from in your page from many country and what your audience and viewers want from you to in your website.
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