How to install WordPress on local pc

How to install WordPress on local pc


If you are looking to build a testing environment on your pc to develop a new WordPress theme, modify your existing WordPress theme.

then you have to install XAMPP ( CROSS PLATFORM, APACHE, MYSQL, PHP, PERL) on your local system or the system where you want to make your testing environment for your WordPress.

1 – Download XAMPP and start the setup wizard.

installing xampp on Local system

2-  Select the component we want to install on our machine over XAMPP.

xampp component installation

3-  Select folder to install XAMPP on our local machine.

xampp installation directory selection

4 –  Once the installation is done, dashboard related to XAMPP services.

xampp control panel

5- LOAD Module by clicking on it for use.

xampp php and mysql module installation

6- Start services from the XAMPP dashboard, we want to use, we started only Apache and MYSQL services.

xampp start service mysql and php
7- Download WordPress from the WordPress website.

download wordpress from original wordpress website

8- Unzip downloaded WordPress on your Local Disk (C:) > XAMPP> htdocs folder.
unzip wordpress on xampp installation directory

9-  change the name of the WordPress folder from WordPress to WP.

move inside the WP folder and change the file

wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

change wordpress configuration filename to use on local machine

10-  open wp-config.php file and edit these parameters.


DB_USER — root

DB_PASSWORD — delete everything and leave blank

edit wordpress configuration to connect with database

11- open phpmyadmin database on your chrome.

put this on chrome URL —– localhost/phpmyadmin

create one new database by the name WP on clicking new button on the left-hand side.

create database on phpmyadmin

12- Load WP on chrome

you can use https and HTTP

paste this URL on chrome —- localhost/wp/

starting wordpress installation on xampp

13 – WordPress installation started on localhost machine under XAMPP directory.

select wordpress installation language on xampp 

14- Fill the details according to your needs.

wordpress details to install on xampp
15- choose WordPress password .
confirming wordpress installation details

16- Login on your WordPress.

login into your wordpress

17- WordPress for testing website or blog on a local pc. whenever want to use WordPress, make sure started your XAMPP services — Mysql and Apache.

wordpress is ready to use for testing


HURRAY!!! now you know How to install WordPress on local pc and can do anything on your WordPress and perform any R & D.


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