How to install VNC server and access a remote machine

what is vnc server

What is VNC server and how to install VNC server on a remote machine?

1. What is VNC server and how its work?

How to install VNC server and access a remote machine, you will learn here in this post.

VNC server is also called virtual network computing.  VNC help to connect remote machine and provide GUI to access it.

what is vnc server

2. Download vnc server rpm package from this url

vnc viewer download website

after downloading all 4 packages from this VNC server website.

  1. tigervnc-icons-1.8.80-5.20171225git7b7b1201.el6.noarch.rpm
  2. tigervnc-license-1.8.80-5.20171225git7b7b1201.el6.noarch.rpm
  3. tigervnc-server-1.8.80-5.20171225git7b7b1201.el6.noarch.rpm
  4. tigervnc-server-minimal-1.8.80-5.20171225git7b7b1201.el6.noarch.rpm

download rpm for vnc viewer

Move to VNC server package to one yum rpm directory.

You will see 4 rpm Packages by the name of TIGERVNC server. Install all the packages one by one on remote Linux machine.

install vnc viewer in remote machine

Installation of VNC server rpm package in Linux command.

#rpm -ivh tigervnc-*


After once installation of VNC server. you can start VNC server by bellow commands.

3. Start VNC server in the remote Linux machine.

start VNC viewer

# vncserver :port number

# vncserver :2

password for vnc viewer

4. Disable Firewall in remote Linux machine to make a connection from host to remote.

check your remote machine ip to connect from vnc

Check your remote Linux machine IP.

# ifconfig | grep inet

Stop your Linux machine firewall by below command to connect to Linux machine.

stop firewall in linux

# service firewalld stop (for RedHat Enterprise Linux)

#service iptables stop (Oracle Enterprise Linux)


5. Start VNC server/ viewer in the Windows host machine. 

Download VNC server for windows to view the Linux machines.

download vnc viewer


download vnc server

Run VNC server from the search panel.


run vnc viewer from host machine

Open VNC viewer in your windows machine to connect a remote machine.


Your remote machine IP:Port

vnc server password and port enter

Give the password you gave on the remote machine.

enter password for remote machine

You will get GUI remote from your remote machine over your host machine.

remote vnc machine

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