How to increase traffic in blog without posting post

How to increase traffic in blog without posting post

when you post a content in your blog everyday. no doubt it will give you huge website
traffic. but do you know, if you not post any content in your website . you can still
increase your website traffic. so here we discuss about how you can get traffic.

How to increase traffic in blog without posting post

whenever you post in your website. you will get an idea, only some of your post giving you
traffic instead of all the post. here we are going to learn three tips.

you need to do only one thing in your blog post that is just update in your blog posts and
customize it.

here you want to look at your posts and make an idea about post you are going to update and customize.

its required to make your post place in number one in google.
you have seen in google engine many people are updating there post and posting in everyday bases.
you have to compete with them to get you post into number one. so update your post keep help you to get higher traffic and high google search ranking.
how you are going to edit that post. here are tips:

Google Search Console
helps to update your post in your site and indexing in google.even though we can use google search console in
many ways.
if you use google webmaster tools, you have get many options for your site in analytics part like
clicks, impressions, ctr, position.
this tell us about our site performance and keywords help us to get clicks from internet.
if you see your post in number 2 or 3 you can move post into number 1 by just doing some work.

  1. open google webmaster tool 
  2. open search traffic in left side
  3. than open it into search analytics 
  4. click on search analytics for the position of the post.

you know in which number your posts are showing in google index.

here you will get many options to explore more about you site.
queries, pages, countries, devices, search type and all. you can check your site
performance in all these options.

Google Analytics
same like google webmaster tool, you can use google analytics tool.
it also give you same idea of your website or blog ranking.

its a paid tool but it give you many options for your website post to be on the top. its paid thats
why it contains many features.

Update your website content
if your post is already in number 2 or 4 you can make into number 1 by just updating that post.
many blogger did this kind of activity to get high traffic for there blogs.

  1. Check your post in google, if it is visible in number 3 or 4 in google than check out above post to get an idea about keywords used by that blogger in his post and put those keywords into your post too.
  2. After writing some more content in the post and insert some keywords. change your post update dates its very important part.
  3. When you fully sure about it, you can ad more content in this post and give more information to user, than only update your content.
  4. Add links related to your new post. 
  5. Many blogger did this kind of work who usually post 4-5 posts in a month and earning handsome money.

Content Promotion
after editing in your post, you have to update in many social networking website like Facebook, google and all.

you have to make your post in number one also by update time and date, post will come into number 1 in your website. Promotion help to get more traffic in little way but it helpful for SEO purposes.

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