How to Add Google+ in Blogger

How to Add Google+ in Blogger


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Google has added Google+ to your blog dashboard with its own individual Google+ pages or blogs, individual and now you can add to your profile at the place you want to be able to share posts. It has special significance for those who have a different mode than the one run multiple blogs.
Let’s start with how it

1. From the Dashboard, select your blog:
2. Now you will see the sign of Google+

3. Now, click on it you will see your Google page and profile.

4. Please click it to connect with the selected blog, he will be selected and will become unchecked.

5. below ‘Share my posts from this account to Google+’ Be sure to mark

6. If you have not created any pages yet been the choice for the next phase, which are very simple to make

Hope you especially will draw readers to your blog.

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