How can you see your facebook chat, after clearing it.

How can you check Facebook Chat, after Clearing it.

Facebook’s visit and private informing frameworks spare their logs in the same spot, which implies you can view talk logs from your message inbox and the other way around. Your talk history might be cleared in the event that you need to free up space in your visit windows while scanning Facebook, however this does not erase your logs forever. There is one and only approach to forever clear your visit history, and this must be carried out from your messages inbox.

View Full Talk History 

Clearing a visit window just clears the window itself and does not erase any of your talk history. To view your full talk history with anybody you have conversed with some time recently, open your inbox through the visit bubble symbol on Facebook’s menu bar. Clicking a discussion may open another visit window rather than your talk logs if visit is turned on, so just click “See All” to open your inbox.

Erase Individual Messages 

In the event that there are sure parts of a discussion you need to dispose of forever without erasing the whole discussion, you can erase individual messages from your inbox. Open any discussion, click “Activities,” then click “Erase Messages.” Select the check boxes alongside every message you need to erase, then click “Erase.” This will expel these messages forever from your talk logs while leaving whatever is left of your logs in place.

Forever Erase Visit Logs 

Forever erasing your visit logs must be carried out from your inbox, and your messages can’t be restored on the off chance that you do this. Erasing visit logs thusly will uproot all messages you have traded with this individual over unequaled, barring different discussions. Open any discussion from your inbox, click “Activities,” then click “Erase Discussion.” Click “Erase Discussion” again to affirm.

Chronicling Messages 

You can conceal any discussion from your messages inbox totally without needing to erase it by chronicling it. Documenting puts the discussion in a different envelope and it will no more appear in your discussions rundown, get any upgrades or provide for you any notices. To file any discussion, click “Activities,” then click “Document.” In the event that you alter your opinion later or need to get to your chronicle, open your inbox, click “More” at the highest point of your discussions list, then click “Chronicled.” Drift over any discussion to see the shaft symbol, then click “Unarchive.”

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