How can you make a Brain Map in your Mind

How can you make a Brain Map in your Mind

Step by step instructions to brain map 

Step by step instructions to utilize brain maps to take notes, compose and structure your contemplations and plans, and to help you recall your work.

About brain maps 

Brain mapping is a method which uses graphs to speak to thoughts.

Brain maps copy the way we think which is the reason they are a standout amongst the best supports to learning and memory.

Brain maps utilize a focal picture with extensions emanating out from the core.

– Each one extension speaks to a key topic.

– Points of interest are added to the fundamental extensions as sub-limbs.

The more visual a brain guide is, the more powerful it is; so when drawing a psyche guide, utilization

– shade

– pictures

– images (e.g. shafts demonstrating the associations between subjects), and so on.

A decent personality guide demonstrates the “shape” of the subject.

Brain maps are not difficult to recall and fast to audit.

Brain maps can be utilized for 

– outlining data.

– combining data from distinctive sources.

– thoroughly considering complex issues.

– demonstrating the general structure of a subject.

Pictures of brain maps (opens in another window)

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