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Does not depend on the medicine to conquer the heart disease

The heart disease medicine is in the world one of the sales volume maximum medicines.
Every year, in the world some countless patients accept the pain and to have the potential hazard heart disease surgery to treat.
But some evidence showed that the heart disease medicine is possibly invalid to most patients, treats certain heart diseases with the surgery, possibly is also crude and obsolete.
The new discovery indicated that now the heart disease can governs the foreword with the non method of medicine or non-surgery.
Attention: I said is not “prevention “, but is “treatment”.

Dean Neish in the US “life style and heart” research. The person who the demonstration contracts the heart disease can only improve the condition through the change life style. But does not need through having a surgery or taking medicine.
In this research, the matter that prompting the patient needs to handle includes:
1. eats the vegetarian diet for focus meals, the fat content not over 10% (compared with 30% incredible fat contents of usual recommendation low many);
2. every day at least spends for 1 hour to carry on the relaxing exercise, the alleviation pressure;
3. every day carries on at least a half hour of sports (e.g. walk of big amount of exercise).

Meanwhile, encouraging the patient every week to attend 2 meetings to discuss, each time 1 hour. The result is:

  * the chest pain of patient reduced 91% after the treatment marvelously.

  * 82% patient coronary artery occlusions were improved, supplied the blood of cardiac muscle to increase 4 times (patient, but these only depended on the taking medicine treatment. Only the improvement degrees of 39% patients can place on a par with them).
After this research project starts in one year, most patients no longer felt the chest pain, and frequently after the research project started in 4-6 weeks of time changed for the better. However. The patient who is integrated into this plan still needed doctor’s instruction. Doctor before arranging your diet and movement plan, will make some important inspections to you. The patient who Zeng Changqi applied drugs when needs to judge through the method of careful guardianship, through what method reduction dose (most modern medicines had strong effect, thus stopped medicine suddenly is dangerous).
If your doctor makes a similar plan for you, in fact will not increase any burden to him, the issue is your doctor is very possible not to hear this kind of plan. Regarding this I have to suspect that is whether related with this kind of fact. That is: The professional doctor excessively the salesmen, booklets and the pharmaceutical company pharmaceutical company support surrounds by the course and movie that. Makes them have no time to care about all business in addition.
This is really a pitiful fact: I once the proud occupation now almost completely degenerates into the dependency of pharmaceutical company marketing department.
For decades, the people realized that this is an obvious truth. Namely low fat diet, in a disorderly way the right amount of movement and masters the dispelling boredom anxious method is the extremely good method of heart disease prevention. The above this new research demonstrates it not only to be able the heart disease prevention. Moreover there is an function of treatment.

If you is a healthy person. Then, under the implementation this simple plan is the exceedingly good method of heart disease prevention.
Engaged in in the regular physical training both simple and effective. But careful does not want the excessive movement, such that just like I point out 15 years ago, many movements are the same with the too few movement. Is harmful to the health. Walks, swims and 4 sports that rides a bicycle and dance is I craves. You must choose you to like. Movement that and can persevere. However the chest pain manifests suddenly accidentally. The movement must terminate immediately. You every week at least must carry on 3 times movements, each time at least a half hour.
How the society relaxes actually a difficult matter. In this plan is most difficult to complete partially is the diet, the fat that will say every time absorbs the human measures to reduce to original 10%. This will certainly bring about very sweeping change to your recipes. I suggested that you and your family doctor discussed that and accepts the opinion of professional nutritionist.

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