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 How to distinguish the information from body

If you are willing to understand that your body can tell you many information. Some slight symptoms, some
By you are not thought anything at the worst, but some can urge that you go see a doctor – actually they possibly are early
Disease signal. Perhaps other symptoms completely will be neglected, because you have not realized its importance.
Here some main points will help you recognize the signal that the body sends:

1. when you are moving or moves any thing suddenly feel the severe pain, then this is a warning letter
Number. If you persist in continue carry on these movements, will pull finally possibly injury the muscle and damages the joint. If you in flower In the garden carries out the gardening work, at this time you felt that back starts to ache – do not neglect this symptom, will otherwise occur Makes matter that you regret. Most aches should be considered as some incipient symptoms – you neglect to these symptoms
The time is longer, the issue that finally comes across is more serious.

2. the vomit and diarrhoea are very sometimes troublesome, but is actually the important defense mechanism of organism. If except for vomiting it Outside does not have other symptoms. That vomit is very possible is alimentary infection is the result. The organism tries to cause infection through the vomit
The cause of disease material eliminates. Controls the symptom the method perhaps to cause the infection government official to exist in vivo purely for a long time.
The fruit had the above symptom, should not be scruple, immediately goes see a doctor.

3. the complex organism defense mechanism that human body oneself has, can exit from your respiratory tract rock row the foreign matter.
Coughs to cause the thing of cough is of great advantage, but if your cough time is very long or is recurrence coughing
Coughs, then your lungs likely have the endurance or the recurrence inflammation. Has any foreign matter to stimulate you
The trachea, or is in the air has some irritant material. Relieves a cough is always not meddlesome. Cough, from basis
On said that is the defense mechanism of human body, the best solution seeks help from your doctor, making him discover the cough


4. if your opinion outside area presented some unusual skin rashes. Then, you possibly contacted irritant
Material. The skin tissue regards as the harmful thing this type of irritant foreign matter, therefore produces the chemical properties material by balancing
Disadvantageous stimulation, therefore, skin rash formed. Although the skin rash is the result of above mechanism. But the people mostly are glad with strongly The medicine of strength copes with it. A wiser procedure is to discover to cause the material of skin rash and avoids contacting with it.

5. if you have the leg convulsion, was possible your lower limb blood supply to give rise to the problem. Saccadic hurting
The pain is mainly the material that because in muscle metabolic process produces are too much, and is the result in the partial accumulation. At this time slow blood
The fluid circulation will be not enough to carry off all these waste. The convulsion reminded you: Should move the position. When you adjusted
After the posture, the blood resumed smooth flowing. Carries off the metabolite. Therefore the ache vanished.

6. has swallowed inappropriate food or feed too will cause the dyspepsia quickly. At this time. Your stomach can tell you
Its some do not suit. You can alleviate the symptom with the antacid temporarily, however, the ache likely again appears.
Wants permanently to solve this problem, must listen attentively to the signal that your body sends out and completes the record. Perhaps you need to change
Changes the diet itself, or the custom of change diet. Perhaps. You need a qualified doctor to diagnose you.

7. if you make a mistake frequently, that possibly means that you are under the oversized pressure for a long time. Energetic pressure
Has the close relationship with the accident.
If 8.1 women the menstrual cycle are not normal. She possibly becomes heavyhearted. Girls frequently
Because the menstruation comes excessively late, or suspected one have been pregnant, but goes see a doctor.

8. most headache pressures cause. The pressure and anxious will also cause intense of muscle. Relaxation
The muscle that closes may reduce with  this related headache . Moreover the effect comes taking medicine is quicker. In early time on flaccid these muscles
The meat, and avoids promoting the muscular tone sentiment, can prevent the continuation development of headache. But endurance and recurrence burnt
The pondering headache needs to draw support from doctor’s specialized treatment.

9 the anxious mood regular session makes blood pressure elevate. Taxi driver, teacher and surgeon compared with accountant and priesthood person
And the farmer are easier much the hypertension. If your doctor said that you have contracted the hypertension, then very possible is the energetic pressure The strength is causing trouble. You can through reducing the way of pressure or enhancement carrying capacity cope with this issue.

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