Create Fake Pic By Photoshop

Create fake pic with photoshop

How Can You Create Fake Pic by Photoshop

Create Fake Pic by Photoshop


This is small tutorial after this you know how can you use photoshop for editing an image or creating image and make it fake. If i guess, you already used photoshop shop many times but some are pass and know how to use photoshop for editing image but some are failed because they don’t know how to use photoshop for editing image.Now, this is your time for learning image editing software photoshop. this is too easy creating fake pic using photoshop. if you want. you can also learn this methods, its too easy.  

First open photoshop and go to file, open image where your image is stored for creating fake pic.
creating fake pic by using photoshop
After opening image for making fake ,you will see like this 
make any image fake by photoshop
After opening both pic for creating fake pic, you will see like this 
you learn how can you make fake image
Now click on one image , which you want to crop face and press Ctrl+Alt+X. you will see like this bottom image.
photoshop is very helpfull for creating fake
Go to brush option and open it than use this brush like outline the image which you want to crop 
photoshop learning
Now, after outline this image face.Filled it with bucket option so you can crop upto only that part from the image.  
creating fake of any girl
After filling this part you will see image like this than click ok on it.Your new window look like this.


fake pic is in your hand
Now, time to drag image face from Layer 1 to that image which you want to make fake.
method to make nude pic
You image is look like the above image, Time to adjust image face to second image for make it fake.
Press Ctrl+T and adjust it.
image editing make fake pic of girl
After adjusting image,fit it properly on your second image.
create girl nude image in your hand
Use remove history brush for removing the unuseful part from the fake image,if you will not remove it than people will easily know this image is remove it.
fake image of girl by simple editing

Finally, You learn Create Fake Pic By Photoshop, I hope you will not forget it in future how to use photoshop and Don’t use photoshop for wrong purpose, Use it only for good reason my friends. Share this please.  


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