Configure web server at your home

Ready to setup a server at your Home!

Configure web server at your home
A note: A web server is package that endlessly runs on a laptop and permits alternative computers to transfer documents from it. Running a server on your data processor could be a risky endeavor, and before you begin, make certain your laptop has all the most recent patches and security updates, which you’ve got done a radical spyware and virus scan.

What you will need:

A Windows computer
An always-on broadband (DSL or cable) web affiliation

Install Apache communications protocol server

First and foremost, disable and stop the other firewall or server package you’ll have running, as well as Windows Firewall, Skype, Trillian or the other instant electronic communication applications. this is often very necessary, and if it isn’t done, will cause the server installation and startup to fail miserably. These programs and services will be started and used once more as was common once we’re done fitting the online server.
Download Apache communications protocol Server from here, mistreatment the link next to “Win32 Binary (MSI Installer).” begin the installation wizard. settle for the license agreement and use the default location for the Apache files, in C:Program FilesApache package FoundationApache2.2. once you reach the screen prompting for server info, enter your own email address and because the domain info.
Complete the installation wizard mistreatment the “Typical installation” setting.
When it’s done, open your application and head to http://localhost/. If the page you see reads, “If you’ll see this, it implies that the installation of the Apache net server package on this method was made.”
Configure Apache to share documents from the proper folder
Say you would like to form your personal assortment downloadable mistreatment your new net server, and every one your personal files area unit set in C:Personal. employing a plain text editor like notepad, open the C:Program FilesApache GroupApache2confhttpd.conf file. this is often Apache’s configuration file, that appearance long and alarming, however most of the defaults can work simply fine for North American country. we tend to simply have to be compelled to amendment many things.
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