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Brain and Memory increase Tips



Is Brain Working?


memory boost tips

Everyday you search and trying to finding  in every site. Where you got memory booster supplement, memory booster food, memory booster vitamin. Some of them are great too.

They are doing so many thing like take memory increase medicines in ayurveda and doing  yogaworks and use exercise video for doing it better.

So, i am telling here you how you can boost your brainpower and boost your brain health by implement change your life , which benefit you too much for future life progression.

Reading Increase Memory 

When you read your mind focus only one area instead of other incident happening in life. Your reading habits increase your understanding .Read a lot help you to increase a knowledge about something reading is not waste of time when you read something, its help for your conversation and everything will come in memory to fast.

ex- When you have no idea on which topic you talk about to your girlfriend/wife.Than what you read in past you can talk about that topic .It will defiantly help for impress someone.


Positive Thinking Effects

When you think, mean your brain is working (it’s a joke), Actually your brain always think but matter is your brain is thinking is it good for you or not ! if not than why? you are thinking wrong.This is a point for discussion .

Thinking always depends upon two things what you get from your environment and what you want to choose you go with positive or be remain in your negative thought, ideas and imagination.Your thinking matter to much in your life when you thing you can go thru, it defiantly you will.

Other, than thinking Keep busy yourself in good works and activity helps you for your nerve cells and keep in working state, defense from effects of stress-related, minimize the risk of dementia and increase health, the task you choose for make yourself busy be good, meaningful or interesting which make you serious.

Mostly try to do that type of activity which relaxing  you  such as  drawing, playing musical instrument , building, gardening, model ships, crafting or many others.


Ask Question Sharp Memory

When you move on a road you have seen so many thing but its not your business to think about? that because you only think about what is related to your life and ask question to yourself. Is it good for you or not ? if yes than why ? how ?

Ex-When you think for your exam than first think you have to do is if you got high marks than what will you get and than go thru it . You all know that a losers racer can run twice of its original speed when dog chase him or someone trying to kill him.Always think like that.


Memory Booster game 

You can use puzzles to increase memory and there are so many games around you.
I was seen so many students are playing game but these are like PC games FIFA, counter strike and NFS Please stop to playing this game and trying to play puzzles,su-du-ku,chess .

When you spend your useful time on PC game than your time is no value and you kill your time like fish without,please delete your all these types of games and start to play not for enjoying, for boost up brain.

If you thinking to try brain games and brain puzzles, ideally it would be wise to invest at least 15 minutes a day, but no more than 4 to 5 minutes is to be spent on a decided task. When you give to much amounts of time on a unique task, the benefits is weaken . 


Stop Multitasking ios 7

Never go with multitasking,if you think you can get to much doing 3-4 things at a same time than you are totally wrong you are not waste you time but weaken your brain power and thinking ability.
When you focus your mind only one thing that time your brain start thinking and generating ideas but when you focus to do 3-4 task at same time that time when your nerve catch one signal than instantly.
It also take new signal for new task that cause stress will genrate  and disturb your mind and your brain cells, stop multitasking and try to concentrate only on one task at a time.


Sleep Memory Connection

memory boost tips
memory effects

Like computer in your brain also some errors files that cause you are not interested to do anything but when you sleep and than wake its totally like computer system.

Sleeps help to delete your brain errors.a single night of sleeping only 5 to 6 hours can impact your ability to think clearly for the next day.

In growing process of brain / neuroplasticity, is believed to underlie your brain’s capacity to control behavior, which including remembering things and boost memory. Plasticity happen when neurons  move to at one point by events/information, from the surrounding .

However, sleep  modify the feeling of several genes and gene products that may be important for synaptic plasticity.research discover that naps can boost your brainpower and restore.

Specifically, infants who slept in b/w learning and testing time had a better ability to recognize patterns and method in new ideas and way, which signals useful to change in memory that plays an essential role in cognitive development .

Ex- Best time for sleep to increase memory is 9 pm to 3 am. its highly increase your memory. 


Exercise Improve Memory Power 

Exercise is good for memory sharping,When you go for morning walk ,night walk ,yoga and exercise .it’s help you for maintain your blood flow rate that cause your feel fresh and your body in relax state.

Your body that time is like what you want to do you can done anything easily because your energy box is full.Exercise helps your brain to work at optimum capacity by stimulating nerve cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections and protecting them from damage. 

At  exercise time nerve cells release proteins which known as neurotrophic factors. One in particular, called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), triggers numerous other chemicals that promote health, and benefits towards selected functions, including learning.By doing exercise you can increase your learning speed.


Stop Machine Uprising

Always trying to use machine less as much as you can.its effects your thinking and brain instantly respond.When you have no time than you can use calculator otherwise stop it .


Food For Sharp Brain Memory 

When you eat healthy food that time your heart work properly and maintain a good blood that cause you are protect from fever .Your healthy food maintain blood flow and that blood flow helps to nerve cell which is very important for your memory boost. so always eat healthy food for take proteins.

{Always try to intake right food, these are some of them for good health curry, celery,carrot, green vegetables, and almo contain antioxidants and so many compounds that protect your brain health and may even stimulate the production of new brain cells.

Krill oil and fish oil also a good for brain and body,as krill oil also contains,which not only protects the omega-3 fats from oxidation but also appears to be particularly

beneficial for brain memory

(Coconut oil is also a good for health. it prevent degenerative neurological diseases} 

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