Blog Skills You Need To Know

The 47 blog skills of world top blog

Blog Skills You Need To Know

Some blogs once because of writing the diary discarded the work and friend, even the spouse, therefore the blogs essential the article that notes own today to write will cause any consequence in the future day to oneself. Here summarizes in some world had rich experience the share of top blogs some experiences and skills for everybody refers.

* frequent renewal, good work, as well as individuality – the coordination of these factors are very essential. If you cannot regular renewal (not necessarily be every day, but wants fixed plans), the blog is hard establishes the influence and visits.

* people, if had discovered the value of work, they will forgive your spelling error. But if you cannot maintain the level of work, the visits will drop.

* does not need to be worried in reading for whom that only writes the theme that you are interested. Do not try to please other people, concentrates on you think on the interesting thing.

* hypothesis scope. Considered that you can share many comfortably about your thing, you do not need “to transfer completely”. Only needs to decide which parts that you live you are willing to share, attempt to find a balance point.

* remembers: Thing that all you issue by other Google and website discoveries and archives. Therefore earnest consideration before issue. The thing that because once some people wrote on their website was dismissed. Does not want, because “they not about other people that uses the Internet” to suppose you to write (family member, friend or colleague) the content will not be seen by them.
since my website starts, my grandmother had been looking, therefore I have regarded them am my part of important reader. This makes me centralized be willing to me the writing with the content that in they share, but reduced at sixes and sevens thing. I want to enable the website for the widespread crowd to accept.
* my rule is “do not delete any diary”. Therefore before writing anything, I must ponder, believes firmly that I have not put the thing that the future can regret. For this reason after I did not suggest “liquor, opened abundantly”. You do not think to wake up to notice that next day does not remember is thing that write.
Fraser (
* you must like carefully examining a book carefully examine a blog, I want when reading the blog obtain joyfully, therefore I am seeking for the good article that these make me laugh. Sounds to be very simple, I know, but was very sometimes difficult to find.
* do not attempt to cater to reader, because merely you “thought that has to write” keeps a diary – only when you have the words to say writes again.

* the charm of personal website lies in does not have the rules and regulations of edition. If you wake up to think that on Monday with Tuesday felt completely will be different, then your diary must reflect it. Finally, you will find your sound and style that you like, the thing that if you write interesting or amuses, then you will have more and more readers. You do not need to go to give others to make the impression intentionally.

* did not discuss the work, avoided writing you to be superficial the understanding the person. Otherwise you will offend certain people finally.
* do not write “today me to do such and such matters” similarly such article, only if your real doing specialness of, or you can make certain things very specially.
blog likely a series of own online pastes the strip conveniently, a record found the interesting matter or has done the means of piffle.

* if some tomorrow’s people establish a blog, is used to record one to be rich in photography cell the childhood life of cat extremely, I believe absolutely will have the huge current capacity.
Glenn Reynolds (

* regular issue diary, found the topic that you are interested, tracks continually, earnest writing (I spell and grammatical error blog repugnantly completely).
* the polite association has been repaid. Said its possibly to sound to the human interesting, but will make more reader repugnance.

* establishes the blog, chooses you to know a lot topics compared with most people – for example your occupation, your local matter and so on – made these main part of your blog.

* when you have the specially important thing, sends email to make them know to other blogs. They will link to you, you will obtain the visit of reader.

* you should have a digital camera. The picture can make the blog vivid. If the picture is good, will exceed 1000 characters.

Robyn Pollman (
* maintains your style – do not imitate copy your surrounding person. Your individuality must be shown from beginning to end. It makes your blog unique and performance “really I”.
remembers, although you think that you only write for the friend and family, your writing will in fact have the reader from world. Who you will not know are, where, when read your diary

* when I and husband start to write the blog, we mentioned movie and restaurant that frequently we must go. Imagines our shock – reader appears in these places, hopes that bumps into us – then writes this matter in their blogs! Our quick learned to write the matter that we planned to handle in later, but was not before.

* you must develop thick the skin. Bo Kezhan will experience the disturbance, like forum. This is part of blog experience. Like any sports, several thousand audiences toes the line, all are very happy, so long as the person acts unreasonably immediately causes everybody’s confusion – abundant passenger station is also same. The blogs cannot these too personalized processing -, although this is very sometimes difficult to achieve, depended on then situation.
Quin Parker (
* has many people, when starts to write not to think that wants to write anything.

* the people do not like reading greatly is the discontent diary, they already looked.

* like other homepages, the frequent renewal, and puts in the interesting thing.

* understands your reader.
Hash (
a good blog has to adapt to the style of its content. To individual blog good essential factor – for example to world very subjective view – possibly regarding being used for the blog of display design, expands the resume the blog, or supplies the product information to give the commercial blog of customer to be wrong.

* the browsing structure must be simple. Like designing any website, should better the icon and music that is far away from flashes or is hard in color matching that on the screen glances over.

* the blog must according to write, you who you said hope that the people come, to turn into the fixed reader again, therefore you must keep your commitment. What if you establish is a technical blog, why your reader is possibly very surprised in you starts to write your marriage/team/the blotter of national defeat. Certainly, in the middle of the process you will perhaps obtain the new reader then to decide that reopens the blog.

* to individual blog, needs some out of the ordinary things. Perhaps has useful content for example – in share line the knowledge, provides the latest analysis, link that is difficult to look. Perhaps has unusual, interesting, visionary viewpoint.

* the blog website needs the individuality. The blog website must grow and change, and had responded to the world that it described.
* earnest plan. If the blog can do well, it perhaps will become a center that you will live.

* seriously considers the blog the name. If you must use for at least several years. Now sounds also very to have the amusing thing, will be perhaps obsolete tomorrow. Today suits your life style awkwardly thing perhaps tomorrow.
found the software that you need. I start from Blogger, shift then now like to Radio Userland with Moveable Type. Each has the merit and limit. Considered that you do want to use the blog on another computer? Do you want to establish the new blog? What trust service do you have? Considered that you are used to process the image software, if the blog has the news, what news polymerizer needs. Generally speaking, updates a technical knowledge, the HTML knowledge, lets your computer orderliness.

* all thing backups. Do not rely on your trust company. If it closes, you can need to rerun most quickly. And you do not want to lose absolutely have written several years of diary.

* accesses the net with the wide band. This changed my blog way.

* seriously considered thing that you write. You now very much happily will share perhaps your love life the intimate detail. Several years later, you will perhaps discover it embarrassedly.

* when you no longer from keeping a diary obtain the pleasure – stops, rests.
Adrian Hon (

* true “secret” understood that decided what your blog is successful or is not you, but is not other people. If you think that good weblog was “every day renews several times, there are all latest links, every day was visited by several thousand people”, then you almost will be definitely disappointed. But if you think that good weblog is “you can regular write happily, and at least some people can reading of happy place”, then you can do is very good.
Jason (

* the use correct grammar, do not spell randomly.

* do not write you, meets does not think that the backup the thing, some people will attack you with it.

* does not want, because nobody looked that your blog is panic-stricken, they would appearing. Similarly, does not want, because the people were reading your blog to be panic-stricken, you can stop writing, they will get out of the way!
Rannie (

* before you start to write the blog, determines your boundary. The decision can many scopes disclose itself. After starting to write the blog, must change scope to be very easy, but if you have committed a footfault, and had issued you do not think thing that anybody sees, if again wants to establish the boundary is very difficult.

* if you want to bring the current capacity to your blog, participates in other projects of blog management, regards to cause the means of attention it.

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