ArticleYou will never go wrong


You will never go wrong
mistake suddenly
 It’s a time when i was in 2nd class, I have everything but only in limited manner.I was small so everyone avoids me to give high amount of money.So, i was not buy costly thing but my mind always moves towards thing which i want. If, i want something than how can i get that .One day a strong rain showering suddenly and we have nothing to do except stand at the corner and waiting for school bus than i have 3-4 classmates who was very clever they going to one small shop which have no shutter it is open shop and that shop sell cold drink that shop have no shopkeeper because of heavy rain and than my classmates was go to that shop and start stole cold drink from shop. than next day when teacher asked to students who was there we all caught and we pay fine around Rs 5 than we safe from that incident but that day i was discourage because i stole cold drink and it was Rs`10 and i was way paid only Rs 5. I feel bad. From next time i was thinking more about these stupid thinks and that my mind and thinking always about i will not do that type of mistake. Actually, i was think about my wrong worked what i was done but i am only feel discourage. life give you result, depends upon you what you will choose. 

If you choose right than you are right  
If you go for wrong than you again right 

When you choose right than you right because you know your choosing way is lead you to your high reputation but what about wrong actually? if you choose wrong than you will right again.
when i was said, you choose your way if you think that it is wrong way than you will never choose it and go for it but you choose it and you proved it you are right. If you think that choosing time you are wrong, than you will not choose it for Discourage yourself . so say your mind you will never wrong if you go for doing something than don’t be said, you will defiantly one day realize your mistake and you was wrong and that helps you for whenever go for do something again you will realize your mistake what you done in past . 

“Everyone here in this universe are addicted of mistake, No one is perfect” 

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