Article you can change your life

Article You Can Change Your Life

you can change you life

If you read this article than you prove that you have a capability to change your life and you
want change in life. Everyone want to more rich but they don’t know rich have only one formula
(work hard + stole ideas or create idea). In your life nothing will change if you don’t want change
Nothing will happen which benefit you if you not want to change.

This is short part of someone life: A child whose mother wake her everyday to early for studies and even not sleep herself because she don’t want if she will sleep than her son will be sleep or focus on other thing her son always wake up and study hard and day to day more hard he is go deep inside study after when that boy time was come, you all that man who work everyday hard is now, America president Barack Obama.

Now, answer yourself properly for your soul ,when you wake what you will do? if you not wake up than why ?when you start wake up than why you stop after repeat it 3-4 days or a week .Above all three question are different only just think about any one them. and than choose any one answer from below 3 answer.

  1. you will wake up everyday than first you have too think if you sleep again than what will you get and how time of your life you will wasting. 
  2. you wake up everyday than why you stop to do same think after 1 week because No one see you that time, if you think someone will see you than you will not leave your work. 
  3. Everything take time for some change, depend upon you , you have patience for your work man. If this is to easy to got everything in a one day than god will give you life only for one will not done your school work just in one day.

Like your brush and bathing make addicted to woke up daily and start your works which left or incomplete than you will notice some people are unhappy because you defeat them and some are happy because they are with you.

                                “Life want change only, only in positive direction”    

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