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tips for Job & interview

We see things in what manner we want to see them not what they are actually. 

This is a short story once upon a time a man passing from a village and he ask to one villager. What type of people are leave in this village than villager reply him in your village what type of people live than that man reply they are selfish, than that same time villager answer him in this village also selfish people live. After sometime a new man passes from that road than new man ask him same question to that villager about peoples than villager ask him same question back to man and man reply in his village helpful peoples leave than villager reply him in this village also helpful people live. 

Now, you understand what is meaning of this story you always see this world like what you are ? if you are right than you choose right if you are like wrong than you will always choose wrong.depend upon you in what way you think?But if you really want to be a good than you have to think about what we right in below.

Select words carefully 

never speak-out anything what will come in your mind because what you give to other than it will again return to you. Be a Goodman choose your words in correct manner, show to other how much you are clever to choose words for other. Your words are very danger weapons it effects everything your friendship, you girlfriend, your parents, your job, your value for other and your reputation. what is difference between intelligent and foolish the main difference between them is when you speak without thinking than you are fool but when you speak after thinking than you are intelligent.If people talk to much that doesn’t mean you are good in talk matter is the way and you talk to much is right or not.

                                             “think than say” 

Criticize condemn and complain 

Criticize make people mad? you seen many people criticize other daily but actually the criticize real meaning never criticize for any people when you criticize people than there reputation and 
self-esteem will be effected and he start fall down from his success, criticize is right only in one way when you criticize for his behavior and it should only up-to when you feel sad when you 
criticize people for fun than you make him mad and you are loss something you loss your value your capability to speak good for other people because your tongue will taste this behavior and will do it again and again not for same people but next time it will be new one.criticize people only for make him feel good and give him strength not for abuse and fall him down.

                     Never give taste of criticize to your tongue

Complain is like oxygen for people now a days they want it every-time, people generally talk about something than some man are like who complain every time like  he is not good, he is smart but why ?, he got high marks why it happen, i got less marks because of this problem, today is cold/hot/rain why this happen, today is not hot/cold/rain why this happen. they use complain like inhale oxygen.people like complain nature but actually it is the first thing of their life who stop them to achieve top height.

Accept work offer letter 

when you will start accepting your work than you will start building yourself strong and capable for say yourself you are the one who have play role good in life. your work mean if you are student than your study is your work, when you are office worker than daily office challenge is your work it doesn’t matter you fail or pass but you try it that make you important.the words which stop you to give 100% in your work is All mistake done by him, i am not done anything wrong/ everyone do this than no problem if i will do it wrong. those people who are not good in work they are treat like my god not with me/ my day is wrong/ i am wrong because of this. these are the major mistake which is done by these people and not want to see this world proper way. In my value i don’t want promotion if  i am not capable for that work and not go for that job in which i don’t have good 
knowledge and accept only up-to that limit salary which i really capable.I want to share you something when people get admission in college that time they think we got 12 lakes package and more but the matter is not about package main thing really they have knowledge to accept this package. 

Thinking change brain structure

When you make someone good and happy when someone win that time you will also win. the main thing is behind is when you think than always think for other that real meaning is you are work in company than think for how can you run this company more good. if you are student than think when you got good marks than your teacher and parents both will be too much happy parents are happy they guide you properly and teach you what is good and what is bad , your teacher is win because what he teach you, you understand it.

I listen to everything 

Always make this habit to listen other, more and more.when you speak someone and he start stop you on your every-word and try to find out a mistake is shows that the other people is not interested on your topic and he don’t want to listen you anymore. if you listen someone and always try to find mistake than it shows you how much you are give respect to speaker.if you not 
listen properly than you discourage him and fall him in his eyes because you don’t want to listen him and make feel him he is not a good speaker. when you listen someone than you encourage him .when you ask question it shows that you are interested in his topic and overall you give him a respect, in future when you need help that time that man is first who will come for your help.

Full of energy and life 

When you have enthusiasm that time you will defiantly success in your work, if you want to know what is enthusiasm that is a energy which increase your work ability 2 times enthusiasm is when you stuck on some problem than you will not sleep properly and think about that problem search for that problem everywhere up-to you not got right answer. 

Give appreciation for True nature education

When you appreciate someone that time you are encourage him and make him feel better. your  small right appreciation give energy to that man.

Accept mistakes 

Whenever, you done mistake apologize for it.when you apologize for your mistake that time it makes you not repeat same mistake again and again.never stuck on your mistake and prove yourself you are right ,when you someone you are right and feel other you are wrong than you discourage him and decrease him on the front of other eyes.when other apologize his mistake than appreciate him that make feel good and from next time when he done any mistake he freely comes to and speak his mistake to you.

Don’t argue with idiots 

When you discuss to someone on any topic that time you are expand your idea and contrast about what is right and what is wrong. Discuss on something is like you increase knowledge about that and realize your some points are wrong what you think about that you can clear it only when you discuss to someone. argue is first step make bad impression on someone who listen your argument. argument increase difficulty on your thought, thru argument you never contrast you are right or not and don’t know where you are wrong. 

           ” Discuss makes you cool  and argument makes you fool”

Gossip girl

You should know that when you gossip that time  a man who listen you also gossip about you and you decrease your own value in the front of that man. Gossip man never want good news he only want bad news news about sex, news about killing, news about rape, in his world his way of thinking is like that and he don’t want to do any work properly except gossip about his boss and his surrounding.he never  want to achieve success he is only want to be how to make fun of other.    

People want heaven but they don’t know they have a power to create heaven 


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