Article to Control Brain & Mind

                        Brain and mind

Article to control brain and mind

If i will tell you control any one of these mind or brain what is your answer? let check out you are

choose right or wrong !!!! I know you are confused if i am not wrong . just think about how can you choose anyone from mind or brain because you don’t know the natural meaning of mind and brain.
Article to control brain and mindIf you know than it is good or don’t know than i am tell you.
Brain is a body part now give me sometime and leave or forget everything now think, when you drive a car or any machine than someone is their who handle it but when no one is for handling machine that time machine is useless on other case when your machine is stopped working and you are present than you are useless. same like your brain and mind.
you brain is a machine and your mind is you who use that machine which called mind.
Your brain is located inside the skull and it has physical appearance and you can visualize it.
mind has no physical appearance, not tangible, not visible, not need space and you never stop your mind.
Mind is nothing but it is thoughts, expectation, dream which come and change time to time.
but to good thing i am surprised to know that everyone said me they can’t hold idea and mind but they don’t know actually they do that ! now you think how is it possible ok i am tell you 
when someone tell you he is come for beating you or throw out you from your home than that time 
you hold one thought which harms you and start thinking about that thought and you hold your mind (idea or thing which is come in mind).
When lion chase you that time you stuck only one think and not think about other and that is run run fast as much you can but what wrong when you live normally why you not hold your ideas,dream yup it is too funny.
Only reason behind it is you are normal and apply as normally what is come towards you and don’t think about is it good for you or not. just think i will tell you 3 and 4 things why you do this
  1. You wake up morning and take brush for cleaning  teeth 
  2. You leave home daily at same time for job
  3. You wear nice suits or clothes instead of simple/normal one in office
  4. You show your standard to everyone in party 

Article to control brain and mind

Above all think connected with you some points thats help you to keep it up daily in this real world. 
You take brush because of teeth problem,you leave home daily because of job, nice suit in office and show standard in party to increase your reputation.
than why you cannot control your mind thoughts only the reason behind it you are not feel fear and you not think about that thought if you really want to hold your thought than think about it and try to connect it with fear .
You only done something well when you connect your ideas with your fear.if any one tell you connect your ideas with strong motive i will proved them they are wrong .
your mind is control i hope take one thought and add this thought with fear and you never miss that thought after facing any problem you will defiantly success and then come to this page again and please explain your story so that cause you will also motivate me because i am write something which is help someone. 

Points which helps you to control your mind 100%

  • When you talk with someone, talk with him softly and when you are in angry mood than please say sorry if you angry on someone by mistake.
  • Try to visit a place where is only silent and beauty around you .
  • Make a friends who are good with you and think about you ! if you don’t find anyone than no need to explain your feeling and what you think to that person who near you! sometime when people have no one for understand feeling that time they express there feeling to person who near him! this is big mistake they do.

I don’t want you have to follow these stupid points

  • I read so many sites and article i notice one thing when you listen simple songs that song make you happy only for sometime but when you listen song for more time than its make you mad and silly and i know you are not silly.

Article to control brain and mind

Thought are never ri

ght or never wrong they are just come in mind and then vanish but depend upon you what you have to choose or what not 

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