Article on how to make a girlfriends easily

Article How to make a girlfriend easily   

article on impress girl


How you react when beautiful girl is present front of you,So many guys trying to impress a girl and choose wrong way instead of impressing her but you should consider that every girl is unique .How she feel and make her fall in love with you. Every girl thinking for you with different ways.So here are some points which helps for impress a girl  .

Impress a random girl

Focusing on these areas:Everyday take a shower.If you take it at morning it will benefit you.
it makes you feel fresh and clean. Wash your hair properly and use soap up all over, and washout.Keep your mouth clean. brushing your teeth at morning and at night before you going for sleep.for better response use mouthwash and floss. Mid-day time you can use breath mints or center fresh.Manage hair. Shave daily. Or, if you don’t want to shave, than trimmed to a uniform length and not scraggly or unruly. If you tend to have a eyebrow, consider remove any stray hairs over your nose.Wear a combination of deodorant and it as soon as you get out of the shower in the morning. You can use a deodorant of and sprays cologne, but not use to much.Wear clean clothes.

Treat with peoples

How to treat with people around you with respect, a quality which most girls want in their boyfriends. Show her you are good nature and you have good manners also for everyone,Use these words when someone going around you “where are you from long time”,”everyone good in home”,”please”,”thank you” and “you’re welcome.When anyone move through a door after you , open door for that who comes after you .Not use stupid and senseless  words in the front of crowd or public. 

Stop discourage words

So, many slips tongue and say stupid words in the front of public,but focus and control yourself and stop to use rubbish words. Don’t go and talk with any stranger and see new girl,if you think make her jealous,but clear your mind. Express your feeling for other girl in the front of your girlfriend makes you should mind it,you are one who like her and even if you talk about other than how she will react with you.Not use stupid words by which you insult someone because every girl hate that type of person who insult someone.Not talk about dirty jokes. 

Say beautiful word

when she come or present near you than compliment her about her dress and her looks that makes place for you in her heart but avoid to much compliment make you lie in the front of her.complements for smile,eyes,eyebrow,hair and her thinking(what is come in mind say it in your best words)as much as you can.Not pass compliment in the front of her when she with his/her friends.thats make you irritating in the front of her because her friends makes a wrong image for you and guide or advice her to stay away from you. your complement are always like that which gives power and energize her fully.than from next time she will come with you without hesitating.

Respect gives you value

Don’t ignore her, if you ignore her than explain her why you do that.It makes her you are do it by mistake and you are busy and she will think she disturb you and you and make or generate emotions for you.Offer your help to her when she will going to do something that makes you are helpful nature type that cause she will be like you.Talk about her for what she want in her life and always talk about that topics which is related to her life.If you think she is comfortable with you than expand your mystery and secret thats make you special for her and she will think you are true man. 

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