Advice for Entrepreneur to make Problem Solving Product

As we know Steve jobs focus on Product 


Advice for Entrepreneur to make Problem Solving Product

All the top company focused on their product and work on it by giving a great satisfaction to the people by cost saving and high features along with high performance. if we look at any big company Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Microsoft, Amazon etc are more driven by creating solutions for the people problems.

  • Google keeps working on the browser to make it better but yahoo not focused on it,
  • Apple keeps working on making a better iPhone and provides high performance. (As we know Steve jobs focus on Product)
  • Facebook keeps working on making there social networking by getting customer feedback and working on it. (Facebook has 3 Billion 25% population)
  • Amazon also doing the same thing to strike with the other E-commerce website, In a similar way, many companies are doing the same thing to increase product value by solving the customer’s problem.
Market Responsive  Service

As we know top Entrepreneur more focusing on their production values and they holding or leading the market.

Elon Musk- more focusing towards there own works and make it beyond the human thinking.

  1. Spacex
  2. Tesla
  3. SolarCity

In the Same way, other big tech giants are working

  1. Netflix
  2. Google
  3. Amazon
  4. Facebook
  5. Alibaba
Method of Advertisement 

Companies focus on the advertisement to build a repo in the market and for this, they use different ways.

  1. Hire an Actor in Huge amount and invest money in it. Instead of customer problem solution.
  2. Emotion Ads ( Social Influencer ) help their business to build in a speedy way. we all like emotions and they use it.
  3. Giving money to some small community or famous people to advertise their product.

All the method helps the company to show name but they missed to make customer solving product.


Some Products stand in the market because of Features and solve customer problems

SNAPCHAT  –– Pics directly show not saved on their server, this feature in the Snapchat help their business to cross the profit bar.

XIAOMI — customer cost-saving product they have launched and took a good profitable shared along with the giant competitor.


Customer gives Sign you need to use it.

If you work according to customer need instead of thinking about your profitability. this will help you to build a good customer relation.

This kind of Advice for Entrepreneur to make Problem Solving Product helps.


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