5 Tips To Impress Girl

5 Tips To Impress Girl

Now a days people generally to impress girl but they don’t know how to behave and treat in the
front of girl. This is place where they feel low. always remember you are not going to dealing with things, girl is human. human need love and fun life. Here i am going to tell you about 5 steps to impress girl.


  1.  Focus on single girl- whenever you are on the road, metro or anywhere. you only look at one girl instead of many. its help to get attention from that girl and she will think you are like her. when you look at many, your image will go down and she starts to ignore you. It helps you in impress girl.
  2. Looks good when you around her don’t act like over smart and always be confident- girls love to talk with smart and confident boys. if she get any single idea about your fool nature, she will kick you out from her friend list. confident and over confident is different. always notice about you, always be in a limits.
  3. Use your eyes to talk with her body always look at her face- most usually boys always care about sex, so they started to look her there private parts. don’t be one of them like that. you are genius and smart. value your self and behave like gentle not be a drunk guy. read some body language also if you don’t know.
  4. Act naturally- always act like natural way. sometimes you shout in front of her and some times you behave like love one. its only make other person confused. always look for this. its helps to get you a good girl.
  5. Do not fight and Don’t smoke to impress her- if you fight, you are giving her an idea about how bad you are with people and what you can do in anger. it also represent you as an aggressive kind of human. avoid fight.

If you follow above points. you can easily impress girl without taking much time.more posts are coming..

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