20 Common Mistakes Adsense Block Website

20 Common Mistakes Adsense Block Website

Hello friends, today we are talking about blockng of google adsense account.
As you know after making a google adsense account, we forget to focus on the rules of the google adsense and start to use google adsense but we should know google adsense update its rules everytime.
So, we only focus on the reason of why google adsense block our account.

People post question like this. 

why my google Adsense account is blocked even though, i don’t use ads in my website. please help.
here we give some solution to protect your daily income.


  1. Click on your own ads :- usually people think it doesn’t matter if they click on there website ads but google is smart. google know from where these clicks are coming.
  2. Use more ads as per limits 
  3. Google adsense ads size
  4. Template match ads colour
  5. Use your own ads in other sites
  6. Copyrighting contents
  7. Adsense information publish
  8. Wrong label in wrong post
  9. Popup and fixed ads widget 
  10. Same page and post share multiple times
  11. Open in the same windows 
  12. Multiple website
  13. Wrong bad abusing post
  14. Use ads in valuable pages, no contact forum
  15. Only use one site ads per time
  16. Dont confuse visitors
  17. No traffic website
  18. Post your content everyday
  19. Ads create limits
  20. Always follow adsense policy 
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